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Here We’ll update you on important world affairs that can change the world and the one that changed the world.
We have read a lot of history, but now we are probably living in an era which may be big history in future. That means we are already witnessing the future history.
In this blog we will update some such cases and information related to them.

Latest from the Blog

China becoming threat for water security

Over the past few decades, China is slowly and silently becoming a threat to the world.China is slowly spreading its domination over the whole world. And this domination rush is becoming a threat to water security. Now china is controlling the flow of water and there are many such rivers on which China has built […]

Main reason behind the Beirut blast..

The Beirut port explosion on Tuesday 4th August sent shock-waves across the city, causing widespread damage even on the outskirts of the capital. The explosion took place in the Beirut Silos port. The reason for this explosion is said to be 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate, kept for many years. Now in such a quantity […]

First Islamic country to launch Mars mission

Another country has been named in the list of countries sending its spaceship to Mars. And the name of this country is the United Arab Emirates(UAE). This country with a population of 9 million has taken an important step and launched its first Mars mission. This mission is not only the first of this country, […]

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